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Direct Part Marking (DPM) – The Standard in Weapons Management and Tracking

Direct Part Marking (DPM) – The Standard in Weapons Management and Tracking

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When it comes to tracking weapons — from rifles and handguns to missiles and bombs — there is zero tolerance for mistakes. Errors could delay delivery of a shipment and compromise the safety of troops or result in the delivery of dangerous weapons to the wrong person.

A DPM (Direct Part Marking) solution eliminates the opportunity for error, allowing you to easily identify every item when required, including where it was last scanned and who is currently in possession of the item.

The MITAS Touch –  Marks Everything But Air!

The MITAS Touch – Marks Everything But Air!

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Over the years, the group has built up products and solutions for ‘every manufacturing environment you can mention,’ said Kyle. It all started with the human-readable marking of products, and

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Fighting Back Against Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

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Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are a major problem for the proprietary pharmaceutical industry causing loss of revenues, damage reputations, and pose significant health risks to consumers, with the WHO estimating one million people die every year from counterfeit drugs. They also pose indirect costs to society as counterfeiting often supports organised crime. Various factors including the high cost of proprietary drugs, the ease of producing counterfeits, the lack of risk in counterfeiting relative to other illegal activities, and the increased use of the Internet as a source for marketing pharmaceuticals have encouraged counterfeit proliferation.

The Three Key Challenges Facing IoT Adoption in Africa

The Three Key Challenges Facing IoT Adoption in Africa

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most transformational trends that are shaping the future of organisations across the globe. The hype is fully justified – all forecasts indicate that IoT is set to grow enormously, with Gartner predicting that by 2020 some 25 billion devices will be connected to the Internet.

While recently contributing to a panel discussion at the IoT Forum Africa 2018 on this subject, I commented that some of the key challenges facing IoT adoption in Africa were as follows:

Impact of Illegal Alcohol Brewing – SAfm Radio Feature

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For many years governments around the world have been trying to deal with the problem of illegal brewing. The strange thing about this is that it has a high demand

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Kyle Parker and George Ross interview on Brand Protection

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Kyle interviews George Ross, Donald Trump’s right hand man, on brand protection.

Kyle Parker in Juba – South Sudan

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Africa Expansion

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We are very excited to announce that a Nigerian and Mauritian office will be open for business by June 2016! These entities will supply all hardware and software relating to

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Making Africa Safer, One Country at a Time

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Kyle recently travelled to Mali in order to train various personnel from the UN delegation and local government agencies on how to use the marking and identification equipment supplied by

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A Successful Marking Solution Implemented for the Ugandan Ministry of Defense

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The Ugandan Ministry of Defense enlisted Kyle Parker’s expertise and Traceability Solutions’ hardware to meet their marking and identification requirements. Kyle Parker travelled to Uganda at the beginning of February

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